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Jewel of the Month: Sacred Heart Brooch and Ring

16th September 2016

We are thrilled to present a very special jewel as our first  ‘Jewel of the Month’. We have a  ruby heart with weeping cabochon ruby ‘tears’, encircled by an emerald crown of thorns, surmounted by ruby flames and a diamond cross. Set in silver and gold, Portuguese, circa 1780. We also have a very similar ring to accompany the brooch.

This badge is associated with the Portuguese Order of Christ, whose Mastership was invested in Queen Maria I of Portugal (1734-1816). After her accession in 1777 she placed the Order of Christ under the patronage of the Sacred Heart, a devotion which owed its origin to a French nun, St Margaret Mary Alacoque in the late 17th century and which was approved by the 18th century Papacy, It is represented by the heart which is aflame with love, and weeping tears showing Christ’s compassion for mankind, surmounted by the cross on which he died, encircled by the crown of thorns placed on his head. For Roman Catholics this heart is a symbol of how Christ loved his people, even unto the end on the cross. Available to view in our gallery.