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Jewel of the Month: Aquamarine & Opal Clip by Yard

15th March 2017

This incredible clip has rightly claimed jewel of the month at Sandra Cronan this March, with the days getting undeniably longer, and oh what’s that? The SUN making an appearance! This piece by famed American jeweller Yard echoes the positivity and optimism of Spring with a delightful use of colour; a fabulous deeply hued aquamarine, the rainbow of the white opal at opposite corners, playfully asymmetric, and the diamond accents bringing everything together with just the right amount of sparkle. Surely American jewellery at its finest?

Raymond C. Yard got off to a good start in the jewellery world; before founding his own business in 1922, Yard was a salesman at Marcus & Co. He used his experience wisely in his shop on Fifth Avenue, creating a reputation of the very best taste and uncanny ability to source the best of the best when it came to gemstones, which led him to provide the jewellery for some of the most prestigious families in America, including the Rockefellers, Fleischmanns and Flaglers. Yard was intimately involved throughout the production of every piece of jewellery that bore his signature, and as a result, each piece screams perfection and precision, thanks to the limited production and highest standards of quality and design, as illustrated here in aquamarine, opals and diamonds.